eZee Technosys (M) Sdn. Bhd. is dedicated in providing high quality services from the very first communication to after sale support. We understand the diversity in business that is present in the hospitality industry and we work dedicatedly with each client giving them excellent service in every step of the way.

Our key approach is to study the business model of our clients and their requirements and operate accordingly. Our dedicated team of professionals with their deep industry knowledge with product expertise will guide in every level of business process and building long-term relationships with our clients.


Our implementation approach is different compared to other IT companies; we understand that every business enterprise is different as the solution might be the same but business functioning might be different. eZee solutions are implemented with intention high growth and efficiency, we as a team walk through the best scenario and pass our industry knowledge to our clients to get the best out of our software. We adapt the best implementation methodology according to the business model of our client.

Software Optimization

To get the best results out of any software in any industry is all about software optimization, given the nature of hospitality industry it is an imperative step. Our experts with their deep industry knowledge combined with eZee product expertise will guide the entire optimization process to get the best results and highest efficiency for your business.

Data Safety

Data for any business is important and during implementation phase or adaptation of new software into the business model, data safety becomes more critical than ever. Our experts will make sure that there is no data lose during adaptation of eZee product and smooth integration into your current business model. Over the years, our products have been upgraded regularly and interface with third party software is easy and without loss or damage of data.

Quality Assurance

eZee believes in delivering highest quality when it comes to software and its functionalities. We constantly test and work with our clients where improvements are made upon the software regularly with new enhancements, patches, and upgrades. These are tested regularly and made sure that the client's expectations are not only met but also exceeded.

Customization Service

eZee carries one of the most comprehensive product portfolios for the hospitality industry meeting every high functioning requirement and need of the industry. Conversely, the changing trends in the industry also results in specific requirements for clients that vary from case to case. All the eZee products can be customized to meet the client's requirement and certain cases we go a further and create a specific requested enhancement or upgrade to meet a requirement.


Our dedicated team of support that is available round the clock 365 days a year to deliver the best customer support in the industry. Available on live chat, phone, and other multimedia options, eZee support team will guide you through demos, training, trouble shooting or any other queries that you may have. Furthermore, if requested our support team travels on site for demos and training as well as we have our own dedicated support team specifically for the region right in Kuala Lumpur.